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Welcome to the Wellfleet Marketplace  Website

November 2021
 Coronavirus Issues continue!
We are still requiring all of employees, and customers to wear a mask. 
We apologize for the inconvenience but we have 2 employees who can not be vaccinated.
If you do not have a mask, we have plenty.

As you have all seen, and heard, there are many issues regarding the supply chain, that are affecting all of us.
Many items are in short supply, and prices are increasing.
We have been able to stay in stock on all major items, so there is no need to panic.
Unlike last year, we have all the name brand products that we are used to.

Although we did not have Oysterfest to remind us, the resident discount is back!
It's our way of saying Thankyou for your support.

We've put a Thanksgiving flier together and you can see it here. 

Our thanks to all of you for your help and understanding during this challenging time.
Together, we'll get through this.
The Wellfleet Marketplace staff.

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